Grady at the American Academy of Advertising Conference

The American Academy of Advertising Conference in San Mateo this spring had a large Grady contingent. Faculty present included:

Dean Krugman, incoming-AAA President
Spencer Tinkham
Karen King
Tom Reichert
Jooyoung Kim
Hye-Jin Paek

We also had a terrific showing from our current students, some of whom had three or four papers each. They included:

Hye Jin Yoon (doctoral)
Taehyun Baek (doctoral)
Ho Young (Anthony) Ahn (MA)
Ho Joon Choi (MA)

Grady Ph.D.s included:

Dr. Eric Haley
Dr. Margie Morrison
Dr. Jisu Huh
Dr. Denise Delorme
Dr. Freddie deGregorio
Dr. Yongjun Sung
Dr. Heidi Hennink-Kaminski
Dr. Hyunjae (Jay) Yu

Former Masters students included:

Dr. Lance Kinney
Kelly Burke Ellis
Eunsun Lee

It was great to see everyone there.

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