Viral Video Student Projects

ATHENS, Ga – Public Relations writing students traded video news releases for viral videos this semester. Students in Dr. Kaye Sweetser’s Pubilc Relations Communication ADPR 5920 class produced the more popular type of public relations video while learning how to write for multimedia in class.

“The video assignment allowed students to develop their skills at identifying audience, creating messages and crafting persuasive appeals,” began Sweetser, “just like more traditional video or radio spot writing assignments have in the past.”

Working with University of Georgia Admissions, the students worked in five separate teams on the month-long project to each create videos that would both communicate to the target audience (either high school students or parents) and showcase the university.

Admissions plans to use select videos in their recruiting efforts.

From now through April 28, the five student-produced videos will battle it out on YouTube to see which of the videos is able to “go viral.” The top two videos with the most views by the last day of class will receive bonus points on the assignment.

This effort is just another in the Public Relations program at the H.W. Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication to integrate social media assignments into the traditional curriculum.

The videos are available at:http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=9F5659AA63974DD4 .

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