PRSSA Update from Dr. Jones

"At the end of our Fall membership drive, we have
249 members, 150 of whom are on Creative Consultants teams.
More than 100 students have attended each meeting this year.
Speakers from Lockheed Martin, Edelman, The Reynolds Group
and Susan G. Komen have participated in the meetings this
semester. One meeting was devoted to interviewing skills.

PRofessional CONNECTION was the biggest and best event to
date. More than 200 students (not all Grady) attended the
afternoon workshops. About 65 faculty, staff, students and
professionals attended the dinner. Southern Company helped sponsor the event.

Five students attended the National Conference in San Diego.

Five students are already working hard with Kaye on the
Bateman competition. PRSSA pays their application fee and gives
the team $300 for expenses. When (I'm confident!) this team
wins the competition, their prize money will go back into next
year's treasury.

Two students (Samantha Riddle and Lauren Rohde) are waiting
to hear about Lockheed appointments. Eighteen students
applied originally; 10 made the second cut. Samantha and
Lauren have completed their Washington D.C. interviews.

In January, we will hold our second PR Workout. This event is for
PR directors of on-campus student organizations. Our students
will teach them how to do their jobs more efficiently. Last year,
20 organizations participated; we hope to more than double this
next year.

In February, up to 16 students will travel to Washington D.C. for
our second agency tour. Real World in Atlanta is also in February, and we will send hopefully more than 50 students (as we have in the past) to this event. The e-board is also planning another event that will involved Atlanta

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