Mina Lee Selected As Outstanding Teaching Assistant

Mina Lee, was named an Outstanding Teaching Assistant by the University of Georgia for her work with Grady College classes.

"It is my great honor to receive the award." said Lee. "I would like to give very special thanks to Dr. Karen King, Dr. Wendy Macias, Dr. Jeffrey Springston and Donna LeBlond for their help and support while I was teaching last year."

Lee taught ADPR3130 Advertising Research, a course designed to help students understand the role and importance of research in advertising, learn primary concepts and methods in research, and gain first-hand experience in conducting research projects.

Mina Lee is originally from Seoul, South Korea, and received her master's degree from Michigan State University in advertising.

"It was a joyful experience for me to teach brilliant students," Lee shared. "I was quite impressed by the quality of their final projects, which show their abilities to apply their knowledge and skills gained from the course."
(Interview adapted from Grady website--author: Debbie Ebalobo, Communications Intern)

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