New AdClub Officers

Congratulations to the new AdClub Board members for 2010-2011:

President Becca Wilson
Executive Vice President Claire Bosworth
VP Professional Programming Melissa King
Professional Programming Chair Kaley Meier
VP Educational Programming Angelica Gentile
Educaitonal Programming Chair Elaine Kelch
VP Publicity Rebecca May
Publicity Chair Liana Skoglund
VP Membership Trent Lyle
Membership Chair Tien Phan
VP Fundraising Chelsea Gattung
Fundraising Chair Bianca Lloyd-Gomez
VP Special Projects Bailey Dunn
Special Projects Chair Francesca Pefianco
VP Philanthropy Kathryn Ewing
Philanthropy Chair Anna Houser
VP Alumni Relations Cory McCollum
Alumni Relations Chair Serra Stalling
Treasurer Thom Pulliam
Web Development Min J. Kim
HSBT Web Development Anna Houser
AdConnect Planner Bianca Lloyd-Gomez

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