Ad PR Outstanding Teaching Award Winners

(Dean Krugman and Bryan Reber pictured on the right)

Dr. Dean Krugman (Ad) and Dr. Bryan Reber were selected as the Outstanding Teachers for 2010 by their faculty colleagues.

"Dr. Krugman is a gifted instructor on both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Students appreciate his enthusiasm," noted Karen W. King, head of the department. "He sets high standards for his students and they delight in meeting this challenge.
At the undergraduate level, Krugman is a master at getting his students to think critically and become strategic problem-solvers, said King. In his graduate classes, he helps his students wrestle with and ultimately master complex theoretical concepts."

"Dr. Reber is a versatile instructor who excels at teaching a variety of public relations classes from the large introductory course with 300 students to the small writing labs with 16," noted department head King. "His students enjoy his sense of humor and the current examples of public relations strategy and tactics he brings to the classroom. Dr. Reber engages his graduate students in theoretical discussions and brings complex theoretical concepts to life for them."

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