Ad Students in Cannes

A new Grady College study abroad program kicked off on Monday, June 14, with 14 students participating in the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival program.

The program in southern France continues through Friday, July 2, and is being led by Tom Reichert, professor of advertising andNateKohn, professor of Telecommunications. Anna Beaver is serving as program coordinator.

Kohn and Reichert are offering two academic courses centered around the famed Cannes Lions Advertising Festival, which takes place in the French coastal city of Cannes each June. The 2010 festival runs from June 20-26.

"Through this program, students have an opportunity to expand their global perspective and participate in an international advertising and media event," said Kohn. "The festival is arguably the most important advertising festival in the world, and it attracts the major players in the international advertising community."

At the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, students are being exposed to the best creative and strategic work in the world. "Cannes Lions is increasingly known for its cutting edge assortment of entries from global ad centers in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas," noted Reichert. "During the weeklong event, students will have access to workshops run by some of the best account and creative people in the business, and will attend keynote addresses by top agency and marketing CEOs."

All creative work is available for student review, and students will have access to major award ceremonies. In addition to networking and learning opportunities, the festival will position students with a global perspective in marketing communication.

The program's goal is to provide students in advertising, telecommunications, film, and related fields with the opportunity to study at and participate in the world's most prestigious advertising festival. Students will encounter cutting-edge advertising and meet the men and women who create these ads.

Students enrolled in Commercial Production Techniques will study, critique and produce commercials in and for the digital age. During the first week of the three-week program, students will participate in seminars and workshops on commercial production techniques. The second week of the program is the festival itself. Students will attend festival seminars, workshops, lectures, screenings and awards ceremonies. They will critique what they see and hear. And during the final week of the program, students, working in small groups, will write and produce digital commercials.

Students in the Global Advertising and Marketing Communication class will discuss and review global advertising concepts, and learn about the types and styles of advertising produced throughout the world. While there, students will meet with former Grady student Gilad Kat who is a judge for this year's media awards. Former Grady grad Cynthia Harris has also arranged for them to meet with executives from Microsoft. Students will also research featured speakers and categories of work in preparation for attending the festival. During the event, students will have the opportunity to participate in a number of workshops and lectures, to review all creative and media entries, and to attend award ceremonies. The week following the festival, students will recap what was learned, present their analyses, and discuss future trends in global advertising.

(adapted from Sherrie Whaley's article on Grady.uga.edu

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