Grady graduates 20,000th alum

This spring's Convocation on May 12, 2011, was an historic moment for the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication: It was the day the College graduated its 20,000th alumnus.

To honor this occasion, Ed Bastian, President of Delta Airlines, and father of UGA advertising major Brittany Bastian, addressed the graduates with his keynote address, “Warning, Turbulence Ahead: Navigating the Changing Skies.” He emphasized to the gathering of students, parents and faculty that the speed of innovation and change is moving faster than ever before. He said that given these changes, the 2011 graduating class has the ability to play an active role in future change. Mr. Bastian also said that he believes the ability to impact one's chosen field is unprecedented.

A drawing was held to choose the "20,000th graduate." In addition to the honor, Delta Airlines awarded the student two first-class round trip tickets to anywhere in the world. Kristyn DeMaeyer, advertising major and Magna Cum Laude graduate, was chosen for the distinction (and tickets). Congratulations Kristyn.

Advertising major Kristyn DeMaeyer receives two first-class round trip

tickets in a drawing sponsored by Delta Airlines.

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