Bateman Team Wins PRSA Silver Anvil

The 2010 Bateman Team from UGA, who won the national championship last spring for their work on the Census campaign, won the PRSA Silver Anvil yesterday! The UGA student team won this top PR campaign award in competiton with seasoned professionals. Very impressive!
Team members were: Kristin Ballard, Courtney Garmhaus, Debbie Ebalobo, Magan Cowart and Bridgett Johnson. The account executive for the team, Kristin Ballard, was onhand to accept the trophy at the awards ceremony in New York City.
Team advisor, Dr. Kaye Sweetser, wants to thank PRSSA and Dr. Betty Jones for sponsoring the team's entry in the awards competition.


Tom Reichert said...

A truly befitting way to top off a Bateman win.

K said...

Go Grady!