PR student travels to Japan for leadership symposium

Instead of heading to the beach with friends, PR major Thien-Kim Quach spent her spring break in Tokyo, Japan meeting students from around the world and learning about leadership while attending the Asia Pacific Exchange and Leadership Development Symposium, (AP XLDS).

AIESEC is the world largest, student-run, not-for-profit organization. It has over 60,000 members worldwide and entities in about 110 countries/territories. At UGA, there is a local committee (chapter) called AIESEC UGA. Local chapters work with the business community to bring interns to the U.S.

Thien-Kim traveled to Japan as part of the "Go Xpro" initiative by AIESEC US. Her main goal while in Japan was to learn more about the international AIESEC network and also form partnerships with other countries so that she can send UGA students abroad. Having been on an AIESEC internship before to Romania, and having such a great time and learning so much, she wants to make it her priority to send more students abroad.

The US delegation to Tokyo (nine people) had meetings with other delegations to discuss internship and exchange opportunities. "I also met many new friends who are all super inspiring and just amazing," said Thien-Kim. "I loved the fact that I got to see all of these University students who are all around my age doing these amazing things through this platform that I am so passionate about, AIESEC. We also want to provide this opportunity for others."

In addition to learning about leadership while attending the conference, Thien-Kim participated in a global village in Yoyogi park, attended a speech by the CEO of 7/11 holdings, met Nobuo Tanaka, an energy specialist, and met with university students in other AIESEC chapters: "We shared ideas and stories, and discussed the future of AIESEC as well as our countries and [the need for more] interaction."

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