AdPR Visiting Scholar Jiyoung Jang Researches Health Prevention Communication

Dr. Jiyoung Jang, right
(Photo via Kwangju.co.kr)
Jiyoung Jang, a professor at Chosun University in South Korea, is a Distinguished International Visiting Scholar with the Department of Advertising and Public Relations this year. Dr. Jang is a professor in the Department of Radiological Oncology in the College of Medicine at Chosun University.
I am glad she is here to conduct her research and interact with Grady people,” said Dr. Jooyoung Kim, an associate professor of the Department of Advertising and Public Relations, and friend of Jang’s family. “It's great to see her occasionally in the hallway. I hope she and her family enjoy their stay.”
Dr. Jang’s research interests include effective communication with cancer patients and prevention communication. In 2011, Dr. Jang co-authored two articles, including a study on the persuasive effects of a cervical cancer screening campaign, and a comparative analysis of doctor-patient perceptions on doctors’ communication skills.

“One of my most important goals during my stay at Grady is to initiate some research collaborations with faculty and students,” Dr. Jang has said. “Dr. Kim and I have been exploring some opportunities. Some of them look very positive. I am also interested in building some connection with the Center for Health & Risk Communication this fall.”

Dr. Jang and her family, including husband Yangho Choi, a professor at Chosun University and visiting professor at the University of Florida, are living in Athens during her visit at Grady College. It's been a little over three months since we came here. I like Athens a lot,” Dr. Jang has said. “It's pretty, safe, and economical compared to other popular places such as California or New York. We love to go to Atlanta for shopping and eating great Korean foods.”

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