Graduate student spotlight: Stephanie Stevens

Stephanie Stevens
Stephanie Stevens is a second-year master's student with a concentration in advertising. She is originally from Ponchatoula, Louisiana.

Where did you do your undergraduate work? Louisiana State University.

What helped you decide to choose Grady's AdPR program for your master's degree? I really didn't know much about different programs when I decided to apply to graduate school, so I spent a lot of time online just looking at schools. Grady came up a lot, along with all the great research that was going on here. Then one of my undergraduate professors encouraged me to apply. Having family nearby in Atlanta sealed the deal for me.
What are your areas of interest for research or for a future career path, and why? My undergraduate degrees are in Mass Communication and Sociology, so my research interests lie in the intersection of those areas. Specifically, I'm interested in electronic and traditional word-of-mouth for entertainment goods like books, movies, and music.
What kinds of activities (work, internships, etc.) have you been involved in during your graduate experience? I work as a teaching assistant in the Telecommunications department, so I've gotten to meet and work with some great faculty members there. It's also given me the chance to meet some of the smart and talented undergrads in Grady. This summer I'm doing a public relations internship with a small business here in Athens, a yoga company called Yoga Sprouts, which has been a lot of fun.
What part of your Grady experience (classes, professors, etc.) has been helpful in your graduate program? The best thing for me has been being surrounded by such amazing people every day. I was a little nervous about not knowing anyone when I first got here, but both my professors and classmates have made Grady a second home. Now I know I always have people to go to for advice, whether it's about class or the ad industry or where to grab a bite to eat. That's a good feeling.
What's been your favorite part about living in Athens? I love that Athenians really embrace everything local, from food to music. It makes living here feel like being part of a community.
What are your career goals? I'm very interested in brand management, so my goal for after graduation is to find a job in an agency doing that.
What advice would you give to someone who is considering pursuing an Ad/PR graduate program? Ask questions! Lots of them. Something that surprised me when I was looking at grad schools was just how willing people were to answer the questions I had about everything from course requirements to parking options. Take advantage of that and learn everything you can before deciding if an AdPR program is right for you.

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