Grady at Oxford Offers International Media Learning Opportunities

The 2012 Grady at Oxford students. 

The UGA at Oxford program, now in existence for more than 20 years, offers many opportunities for Grady students to travel and study international media. Last summer, Grady students took classes taught by Dr. Karen King, Jim Kennedy Professor of New Media, and by an Oxford don. For Dr. King's Society and Mass Media class, students blogged about the backdrop of the 2012 Summer Olympics to examine the media. 

In addition, Grady students had a chance to have a firsthand look at UK media. They took tours of BBC, Mediacom UK, and the Financial Times, where they visited with a Grady graduate, Chris Grimes. In addition, students learned from Vicki Michaelis, Grady's Carmical Distinguished Professor in Sports Journalism and Societywho was there to cover the Olympics. 

This year, the program will run from June 30 to August 9, and the Grady seminar offered will be JRLC 5080, International Mass Communication, taught by Leara Rhodes, Associate Professor of Journalism. Students will be housed in the historic Trinity College, founded in 1555, or the UGA at Oxford Center. The deadline for the Grady at Oxford program is January 25 and more information can be found here

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