ADPR Global Research Lecture Series kicks off with advertising expert from the University of Amsterdam

Peter Neijens gave his lecture
in the Drewry Room.
Peter Neijens, professor of persuasive communication at The Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR), University of Amsterdam, shared his research on consumer responses to Twitter and online consumer reviews to kick off the new ADPR Global Research Lecture Series. His presentation was given on Monday, Sept. 23 in the Drewry Room of Grady College.
“Learning about all the wonderful work being done, and opportunities that exist, beyond our borders is important for our students and faculty,” said Tom Reichert, department head, of the lecture series.
Neijens spent close to a week at the Grady College visiting classes as well as presenting his research and discussing exciting future research partnerships between Grady and the University of Amsterdam. Next year, a Grady faculty member will visit the University of Amsterdam to give talks and initiate further research collaboration.
Peter Neijens discussing his research.

“Dr. Neijens is one of the leading scholars in advertising and mass communication,” Reichert said. “His program at the University of Amsterdam is one of the best mass communication schools in Europe, so we are excited to partner with them.”
Neijens has served as editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Public Opinion Research and is the associate editor of the Journal of Marketing Communications. He was director of The Graduate School of Communication at the University of Amsterdam from 2009 to 2013 and has served two terms as scientific director of ASCoR.

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