Advertising students selected as winners of national poster contest

Advertising majors Margaret Hancock
and Tommy McConnell
Congratulations to Margaret Hancock and Tommy McConnell for having their poster entry selected for display at the 3 Percent Conference poster contest.

Both advertising majors, the duo first learned about the 3% Conference from Cindy Gallop, a speaker at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival of Creativity in 2012, which Hancock attended through UGA's Cannes Lions Study Abroad program. The purpose of the conference is to promote female leadership in advertising and this year, there was a scholarship opportunity for students to submit a poster promoting the conference.

"When I first heard about the conference from Cindy Gallop in Cannes, I had no idea how disproportional the ratio of women to men was in Creative Leadership Positions. After more research, I was intrigued and appalled by the numbers. As a senior in college, hearing about this issue gets me fired up to graduate and take on the real world. I get inspired at the thought of having the opportunity to face these challenges head on and make changes for good," states Hancock.

Entries were submitted in teams of two. Hancock served as art director while McConnell took on a copy writing role. Thirty students (15 posters) were selected as winners and awarded the opportunity to attend the 3% Conference for free.

Poster created by Hancock
and McConnell
“It means so much that our entry was selected for the competition,” Hancock continues. “While Tommy and I had worked in the same groups on numerous occasions for in-class projects, we had not worked as a 2-person team before. But between our passion for advertising, and our interest in staying up to date and learning about issues and the ever-changing directions the industry is going, we worked really well together on this project. “

"We are really looking forward to the opportunity to represent Grady College and the University of Georgia at this innovative and exciting conference,” McConnell adds. “Like the conference promotes, it's not just an event, It's a movement. It's awesome that we get the opportunity to attend the 3% Conference as students."

Hancock and McConnell will be traveling to San Francisco, Ca. in October for the conference.

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