AdPR Connection 2013 Recap

AdPR Connection 2013, a networking event sponsored by BBDO and Porter Novelli, took place this year on Nov. 12 in Tate Grand Hall at the University of Georgia.

AdPR Department Head Tom Reichert speaking at AdPR Connection luncheon

The event, free for all participants, gives students the opportunity to network with 120 professionals from over 64 companies in advertising and public relations.

In its third year, AdPR Connection was co-chaired by advertising major Cara Felleman and public relations major Meghan Kanter.

"I knew that directing ADPR Connection would require a lot of time and work, but I had no idea how rewarding it would be. Seeing all of our hard work unfold was incredible, and Cara and I were both able to relax and enjoy the day ourselves.," said Kanter. 

"I am so grateful to be given this opportunity, as it was a great learning experience. Planning such a large scale-networking event took months of planning which consisted of weekly meetings with my co-chair and advisor as well as with my committees, hundreds of emails and constant communication with the students, faculty and professionals. I am extremely proud of the way the event turned out," added Felleman.

AdPR Connection began with a luncheon for professionals, AdClub and PRSSA seniors, faculty and staff. A panel of professionals from BBDO and Porter Novelli was assembled to discuss the importance of “integration” in today’s advertising and public relations fields.  

Following the luncheon, students attended workshops intended to expand knowledge and skills pertaining to the industry. The six professional development workshops included:

  • “I Want to Be the Boss”- featuring high-level management professionals speaking about how they worked their way up to their positions.
  • “Blurring the Lines”- a discussion on how the communications, public relations and advertising industries are merging together.
  • “First Year on the Job”- advice from young professionals who graduated in the past two years on what the “real world “ is like.
  • “Branding Yourself”- featuring professionals who explained how students can best present themselves to future employers.
  • “Getting Your Foot in the Door”- advice from professionals who work with hiring and gave students advice on how to best prepare for interviews and job applications.
  • “Making an Impact- An Interactive Guide to Presentation Skills”

After the workshops, students attended the Career Fair, where they were able to hone with networking skills and find out more information about the companies at AdPR Connection.

Representatives from Porter Novelli at the Career Fair 

To conclude the day, a mixer was held at Porterhouse Grill for students and professionals.

For more information on AdPR Connection, visit here.

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