AdPR doctoral students involved in new UGA teaching program

Doctoral students often teach courses so they are better prepared for their careers as teachers and scholars.

In April, AdPR will partner with UGA's Center for Teaching and Learning to offer a workshop series specifically designed to improve the instructional efforts of graduate student teachers. Course content has been developed from CTL observations of AdPR student teachers over the last two years.

The AdPR Doctoral Program Instructional Development Seminar will focus on issues related to integrated course design and active learning. The two workshops are scheduled for late spring 2014.

Dr. Paul Quick will be leading the seminars. "We are excited to have Dr. Quick lead this series," said Tom Reichert, AdPR Department Head, "He is a master teacher and seasoned seminar leader. The good habits and informed practices our TAs develop now will stay with them throughout their careers."

The doctoral teaching program will not only impact current AdPR students but will positively impact all future students taught by our doctoral-student teachers.

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