University of Georgia Students Share Bond with Hong Kong Baptist University

AdPR students visiting the School of
Communication at Hong Kong Baptist University
HONG KONG (May 13, 2014) – Six students from UGA participating in the AdPR China study abroad program visited the School of Communication at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) to exchange and discuss information about public relations and advertising curriculum.

The students discovered several similarities between their majors at HKBU compared to those at UGA. For example, HKBU has a student agency that participates in work similar to AdPR’s Creative Consultants or participation in the Bateman student case-study competition.

The “To Fuse the Separation” campaign was especially interesting to UGA students. The project was a logo design featuring three Chinese characters meaning ‘separation’ and ‘harmony’ fused together to signify unity to the Chinese population.  The goal of the project was to encourage strangers to treat each other like they are close friends and family.

Additionally, students toured the Academy of Film and its studios, and enjoyed an authentic Chinese dinner with Dr. Juan Meng and Dr. Flora Hung-Baesecke.

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