AdPR students visit set of Nickelodeon commercial

This summer, I participated in the 2014 Cannes Lions Advertising Festival Study Abroad Program. During the festival, I attended a workshop focused on promoting brands through online blogging sites such as Tumblr. This workshop differed from the larger seminars held at the festival and took place in a more intimate setting where we could ask questions with professionals in the creative field. 

I happened to sit down at the same table as Hafeez Saheed, Vice President of Production for Nickelodeon Creative Advertising.

AdPR students Felisha Ellison, Madeline Hawkins
 and Chelsea Jade Gray with Nickelodeon's Hafeez Saheed

We chatted about the uses of Tumblr and how online blogging has largely affected the advertising industry.  During our brief conversation, he provided intriguing insight into the advertising field, and I knew immediately that I wanted to keep in touch.

After connecting with him on LinkedIn after the festival, I invited him to UGA to speak to students about his personal experience within advertising and his expertise in production. My Cannes Lions experience was key in helping me understand the public relations/advertising industry better, so I thought, Why not try to bring a little of that experience back to students here at UGA?
Hafeez Saheed discusses advertising production with students
Hafeez Saheed visited Grady College on Wednesday, October 22, and gave his talk on Production in Motion: The Advertising Production Process. After Hafeez Saheed spoke, AdPR students Felisha Ellison, Chelsea Jade Gray and I had coffee with him at Jittery Joe's in the Miller Learning Center. We learned more about his creative work at Nickelodeon and his previous experience with Saatchi & Saatchi. During our conversation, he invited us to visit the set of a digital commercial Nickelodeon was shooting in Atlanta the next day!
Hafeez Saheed answers students' questions following his lecture
Being on the Nickelodeon set that Thursday was a captivating, yet slightly surreal, experience. We met the account manager, art director, producer, copywriter, wardrobe manager and actors. As we watched the commercial being shot, Adrienne, the producer, explained to us all the details of what was happening. Everyone was so welcoming and eager to answer any questions we had. In fact, Clancy, the copywriter, was a fellow Grady graduate!
My favorite part of the day was talking with the project manager, Rachel, who was acting as the eyes and ears of the client. Her attention to detail was impeccable, and she gave valuable insight into working on the marketing and sales side of Nickelodeon Creative Advertising. Overall, it was incredibly enlightening seeing what we learn in class, firsthand.
I could not be more thankful to Hafeez Saheed for his kindness and willingness to speak at UGA and to invite us to the set at Nickelodeon. I’ve learned so much from this experience and hope that the students who heard him speak were equally as motivated to pursue their passions within the advertising and production field.

Written by Madeline Hawkins
Public Relations, Grady College of Journalism
The University of Georgia '16

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