UGA PR Seniors Complete Exclusive Coca-Cola Internship


Rebeka Geer
Two AdPR students had the opportunity to intern with Coca-Cola this summer as part of an exclusive internship program with Grady College. Rebeka Geer, a senior majoring in public relations and speech communications, and Jordan Crofton, a senior majoring in public relations and nutrition science, were chosen as this summer's interns in Coca-Cola's  Public Affairs and Communications group at the company's Atlanta location.
Summer interns with Coca-Cola’s North American Public Affairs and Communications group are chosen exclusively from The University Of Georgia’s Grady College.

Some of Geer's responsibilities included monitoring social media, drafting press releases and helping with the Coca-Cola 600, an annual 600-mile NASCAR Sprint Cup race. One of the most valuable lessons Geer learned during the internship was time management.

 "The people I worked with at Coca-Cola were eager to get me involved with the team and there was never a point when I didn’t feel like there was work to be done. I learned very early on that I needed to prioritize my assignments and as the summer progressed, I really learned to manage my time better," Geer said.

Some of Crofton's responsibilities included working on the company's intranet communications, and helping in projects such as the Sprite Uncontainable Game project and the ESSENCE Music Festival, a festival held in New Orleans where Crofton helped with on-site public relations.

"Because my growth throughout the summer came from the breadth of work I was able to experience, I can't pinpoint one specific detail as the best," Crofton said. "To say that the internship exceeded the confines of the office would be an understatement, and I couldn’t have asked to learn more in a span of 12 weeks. From lab innovation tours to a 6 a.m. route ride around metro Atlanta, there were countless opportunities that allowed me to learn about the Company from different perspectives."
Jordan Crofton on a company tour ride.
Both students cited their Grady College experiences, as well as the mentorship of their professor Betty Jones, as helpful during their summer internship.

"Dr. Betty Jones, the faculty advisor of PRSSA, has been such an incredible mentor," Geer said. "From the first time I went by her office a few years ago, explaining that I would like to be more involved with PRSSA, Dr. Jones has always been there if I needed anything. She helped me discover a career field that I find both challenging and rewarding and has shaped me into a confident, young PR professional. I would have never found out about this internship if it wasn’t for her."

"I don’t think I would have been a Coca-Cola intern if it wasn’t for the help of Dr. Jones," Crofton said. "She has been such a source of encouragement to me throughout the entire process. I am so thankful for all of the resources and preparation that Grady has provided me."

I strive to have a job where I’m constantly challenged as much as I was at Coca-Cola. I never want to become satisfied with my work and I hope to grow professionally from every future endeavor - Jordan Crofton
As for career goals, "I’m not sure exactly where I’ll end up, but I know it better be doing something I love," Geer said. "I do think I will begin my career at a PR agency because that environment will help me decide which type of clients I enjoy working with – whether it be non-governmental organizations, consumer public relations, B2B ... who knows! I just want to make sure I’m constantly challenged, find joy in what I do and am proud of the clients I work for."

"I strive to have a job where I’m constantly challenged as much as I was at Coca-Cola," Crofton said. "I never want to become satisfied with my work and I hope to grow professionally from every future endeavor. I'm especially interested in corporate communications and would love to find an intersection with nutrition. At this point, I haven't ruled anything out and I'm open to exploring different areas."

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