Maxine Clark Receives Dean's Medal

"Maxine Clark, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Buildabear Workshop, Inc., headquartered in St. Louis, MO, has been selected to receive the Dean’s Medal for Excellence in Communication Leadership, announced E. Culpepper Clark, Dean of the Grady College.

The medal will be presented by Dean Clark at the Buildabear board meeting in St. Louis on September 9.

The dean’s medal is awarded to recognize a communication enterprise or event that rises to the level of case study in one of the disciplines of journalism and mass communication."

"'Maxine is one of branding’s true innovators, a credit to the media professions we prepare students to enter and a leader in creative thinking about how to build audiences and inspire loyalty from the inside out,' said Dean Clark. 'The Buildabear story provides a case study in brand creation, development and extension in a way that enriches the marketplace, with insightful, effective and responsible communication. Maxine is the Buildabear story.'”

Maxine Clark is a 1971 alumna of Grady College, graduating with a degree in advertising.

“Maxine’s career, her generous work with students at our university and at others around the country, her reputation in the industry for creating a singular entertainment brand, her very invention of Buildabear Workshop, her grasp of the communication dynamics of children’s media, her ability to teach and inspire with the ideas she is constantly constructing through her affectionate engagement with her customers in the digital marketplace – all offer touchstones for anyone with the heart to take a business dream forward.” (shape this/break up)

Clark is a frequent visitor to the UGA campus, delivering the Summer Commencement address on August 2 and as the first W Ron Lane Visiting Professional in the spring.

"Struck first in 2007, the inaugural dean’s medal was awarded to Tim Mapes, vice president of marketing for Delta Airlines for his role in internal and external branding for the company." (source: Grady press release)

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