Undergrad Research Papers Accepted at Leading Journal

Two groups of former undergraduate students from Dr. Kaye Sweetser's Public Relations Research Methods courses have had research papers accepted for publication in Public Relations Review.

Ashley Beebe and Abby Blaylock's class research project as well as the project by Nina Eyrich and Monica Padman were prepared for publication under the guidance of Dr. Sweetser.

Look for them in print soon:

Beebe, A., Blaylock, A., & Sweetser, K.D. (2009), "Job satisfaction in public relations internships." Public Relations Review, forthcoming.

Eyrich, N., Padman, M., & Sweetser, K.D. (2009), PR practitioners' use of social media tools and communication technology, Public Relations Review, forthcoming.

Dr. Sweetser says, "This is such a great accomplishment. I was so proud of their project when they turned it in, more proud when they allowed me to further the work & see if we could get it published, and proud most now that we will see it in print."

Congrats to all of them!

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k said...

This really is an amazing achievement for the students ... UNDERGRADS when they worked on the projects! As I told Abby Blaylock, she's now one publication closer to tenure & she doesn't even have her master's yet :)