ADPR Spellers Strut Their Stuff

The ADPR Spelling Bee Team of Lariscy, Reber and Smith dazzled the competition at the Athens Charity Spelling Bee today.

Fresh off the BlackBerry from Athens Tech...our roving reporter, Dr. A sends in this report.
"1st word: aardvark. They did perfect!!!"

"The team was eliminated in the 9th round leaving on stage only 2 teams." The ADPR team was "awesome. The word that got them was 'Khartoum' the capital of Sudan."
Signing off from Athens Tech, Dr. A

The team leader, Give-Me-That-Mulligan-NOw Dr. Lariscy said "We had a ball! The best thing, you know, is that we were the #2 team in fundraising---we collected $500 for the illiteracy battles in Athens Clarke County---they were really pleased and surprised that a 'first year team' would raise so much, and subsequently, do so well!"
Go Grady!


Kreshel said...

Did they tell us that proper nouns were bee-able??????

This is the greatest!!!! CONGRATS! You guys "done us so proud!!!!!"

Thanks too to Carolina for her on-the-scene reporting.

You all are the best!

adman said...

I searched "aardvark" on the English-Korean dictionary. The dictionary had the word but I didn't even know what it was in Korean. Khartoum? No way.. haha.. :D

Congratulations and Thanks!


Dr. Carolina Acosta-Alzuru said...

They were absolutely AWESOME!!! They raised the second largest amount of money and came in third in the Bee!
Ruthann, Kristen and Bryan were their smart, warm, wonderful selves. I was SO proud of them!!!
(Next time I'll remember to take all my gadgets for better quality pics and video. The BB takes awful pictures!)