Guest Speaker in ADPR 5920

On Feb. 10, Paull Young from Converseon in New York City gave a virtual talk to Dr. Sweetser's Public Relations Communications (ADPR 5920) class about viral videos.

Via Skype, a video conference technology that ADPR faculty use to "bring in" guest speakers from the practice into their classrooms, Young shared best practices and case studies on how to make a video that is good enough to become viral.

Young told the class that you can't make a viral video, rather you can just make a video that may end up viral if it resonates with your publics. He also stressed that you shouldn't concentrate on the number of views a video gets because it can be considered a success (even with a low number of views) as long as the people in your target audience are the ones viewing it.

If you're interested in "sitting in" on Young's talk, watch this 10-minute
"Viral 101" clip from the lecture where Young breaks down the elements and best practices of viral video:
Additionally, Young walked the class through two video client case studies on Graco Baby and Second Life Trees in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkNfuqmhY1g
After the lecture, Young took questions from the students, making the experience more interactive.

Converseon is an award-winning social media marketing and communications agency, based in New York City, that works with clients to engage in conversations through holistic, proven strategic-solutions.

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