New UGA Spot to Run in Football Games Created by Grady Alums

When UGA grads weren't happy with the PSA about UGA that was being run during nationally televised football games, Grady Ad grad, Mike Martin (Founder/Creative Director of Skylab-B and Writer/Designer at Martin + Owen), decided something needed to be done. Rather than just complain, he wanted to try to do something positive.

Mike assembled a team of UGA grads including Ad grads Ron Huey (President/Creative Director, Huey+Partners) and Jason Hatfield (Senior VP, Account Service, Trend Influence) and UGA Film major Glen Owen began developing a new PSA. With permission obtained from the university, the crew started filming today on north campus. The shoot involves a production crew with many UGA grads and more than 150 extras.

They enlisted the help of three Grady Ad majors (Becca Wilson, Cory McCollum and Will Isom) and two aspiring Ad Grads Kirsten Ott and Sawyer Bernstein) to serve as Production Assistants. Dr. Parker Middleton and Dr. Karen King were also on hand to help out. Special thanks to Dr. Strausbaugh-Hutchinson's ADPR 3110 class for coming by to be extras at the last minute.

Watch for the spot on football games this fall! In the mean time, check out the trailor teaser on Facebook on the UGA Chapel Bell site.

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