"Pound on Opportunity's Door 'til the Cops Come!"

Grady Ad Alums Ron Huey (Sr VP, Executive Creative Director at Career Sports and Entertainment--1983 grad) and Mike Martin (Founder/Creative Director Skylab-B and Co-owner/Founder of Martin+Owen--1995 grad) spoke at the first Ad Lecture Series meeting on August 25th.

Martin and Huey showed their work and discussed the development of the new PSA developed for UGA. This project was a labor of love led by Martin and Huey as well as Grady grad Jason Hatfield (1995 grad) and UGA film grad Glen Owen (1993 grad). The new PSA received rave reviews from the over 140 attendees.

Martin and Huey also shared their advice for getting a job in advertising as well as how to have a successful advertising career.

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Tom Reichert said...

Great presentation. Terrific alums.