UGA doctoral student publishes brand Twitter analysis in Journal of Interactive Advertising

Congratulations to new Grady Advertising doctoral student Eun Sook Kwon for having her article "Follow Me! Global Marketers' Twitter Use" published in the Journal of Interactive Advertising. Eun Sook Kwon and Dr. Yung Jin Sung (University of Texas at Austin), a Grady Advertising doctoral alum, explored how social media have grown into powerful marketing communications tools in the global economy.

Kwon and Sung undertook a content-analysis of the Twitter use of 44 different brands including Starbucks, BlackBerry, MTV, Coca-Cola, Nokia, and McDonalds. They found that marketers try to introduce human personality characteristics into their brands by using human representatives, personal pronouns, and verbs in the imperative form. The analysis also showed that information like brand names and redirecting cues frequently appear in tweets for these brands. Overall, the researchers discoverd that marketers tend to exhibit brand presence and personality through their Twitter accounts, which allows them to build relationships with current and potential consumers.

Read the full article here.

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