AdPR Intern Spotlight: Jefferson Hopkins

This past summer, Jefferson worked in New York as an Advertising and PR intern at Tom Ford.

What is Tom Ford?
Tom Ford is a leading menswear and womenswear fashion designer. He is also an Oscar-nominated director for his film A Single Man.

What were your responsibilities at Tom Ford this summer?
As a PR and Advertising intern, I was responsible for all of the "hard labor" tasks that you don't necessarily need a degree to do. I packed clothes for celebrities, ran clothing and accessories to photo shoots throughout the city, represented Tom Ford by meeting with magazine editors and stylists that my bosses didn't have time to meet with and took pictures of products for Mr. Ford.

What valuable information or skills did you learn at your internship?
Treat everyone you meet with respect. You never know what someone does or who they know.

Did anything you learned in your Advertising classes aid you in your internship this summer?
Mots of the stuff I did at Tom Ford required on-site training and can't be taught in the classroom. Dr. Reichert's emphasis on sex in advertising did, however, lead me to Tom Ford and I am grateful for that.

What was the best part of your internship experience?
The best part of working at Tom Ford was learning how things work in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. It was great to see how much work it is for a company to do everything in-house. The advertising team did the creative and media planning all on their own and Mr. Ford photographed the campaigns himself.

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