Hearst Foundation’s Professional-in-Residence Rajeev Batra Visits Grady College

Rajeev Batra, an award winning professor and researcher, visited Grady College this spring as the Hearst Foundation's Professional-in-Residence and distinguished visiting scholar.

Batra is the Kresge Professor of Marketing at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. In addition, he's co-directed the Yaffe Center for Persuasive Communications since 1999.

Batra’s research interests focus on advertising theory, brand image, management and productivity, and brand equity. "We truly enjoyed having him here," commented Tom Reichert, AdPR Department Head. "Dr. Batra shared his enthusiasm and energy for cutting-edge consumer research."

While visiting Grady College, Batra worked with faculty in Grady College's Department of Advertising and Public Relations. He also delivered a featured talk about his research.

For more information on Rajeev Batra, click here.

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