Dr. Jay Hamilton research considers the implications of user-generated advertising

Dr. Jay Hamilton, an associate professor in the department of advertising and public relations, presented a paper titled “Selling to Ourselves; User-Generated Advertising,” at the National Communication Association annual convention in November in New Orleans. The session, titled “Voices for Sale: Monetizing Social Media,” was part of the Critical and Cultural Studies Division of the conference.

Hamilton’s paper focused on a study that investigated the development and forms of user-generated commercials. Hamilton found that agencies can utilize user-generated commercials to help supplement agency needs for research and public relations through user engagement. However, user-generated materials can pose challenges for the advertising profession because of the involvement of non-advertising agency personnel. Some examples cited in the paper include those for consulting companies such as Giant Hydra and Zooppa, which claim to mobilize the creative power of the public to make relevant and effective advertising campaigns. In addition, the paper also highlights the brand Doritos and its “Crash the Super Bowl” promotion that generated a fan-made commercial contest.

For more information on Jay Hamilton and his research, click here.

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