New Faculty Spotlight: Juan Meng

Juan Meng
What is your new position at Grady? What classes (if any) are you teaching this year? Assistant Professor in Public Relations at the Department of Advertising & Public Relations. I am teaching a PR Campaigns class and a PR Research class in this semester.

Past academic positions: Before joining Grady, I was Assistant Professor at the University of Dayton and Oklahoma State University, where I taught PR Principles, Writing, Management, Campaign courses and special topics in International PR and Social Media at both under- and graduate levels.  

What are your research interests and why? Are there any projects/publications you're working on that you can share a little about at this time? My current research focuses on the conceptualization and measurement of strategic leadership in public relations, the theory development in public relations leadership, the combined use of qualitative and quantitative methods to study participation in leadership development process from an international perspective, and multinational corporates’ reputation and knowledge management strategies in emerging markets. Currently, I am the co-principal investigator of a global public relations leadership research project  funded by the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations at the University of Alabama, IBM, and Heyman Associates. It is so wonderful to get the opportunity to work with a group of excellent public relations scholars in more than 19 countries and three regions. We have implemented a global survey and conducted multiple in-depth interviews with senior public relations and communication practitioners all over the world during the past six months. We are trying to organize a public relations leadership summit in early November in Chicago to share our results and findings to a diverse group of audience. This is going to be a really exciting event.

What are you most looking forward to while you're at Grady/UGA?
I love the atmosphere of being on UGA campus. I am really looking forward to working with a group of brilliant scholars here at Grady! I am also looking forward to working with our Grady students, helping them build up strong networks, and seeing them be successful!

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