AdPR 5990 Offers Integrated Marketing, Strategic Planning

Mark McMullen
ADPR is excited to offer a timely special topics course this spring: ADPR 5990 Integrated Marketing in a Virtual Marketplace (call number 61-238). The course explores the development of integrated marketing in online marketplaces. The class will be taught by Carmical instructor Mark McMullen, Executive Vice President of Ansira, an engagement marketing agency that specializes in target market segmentation, digital and offline strategies, and CRM. The class is open on OASIS to Ad and PR students on a first come, first served basis.

In addition to focusing on domestic and foreign market assessments, strategic planning, and the importance of developing an effective online and offline marketing mix, the class will also assess  key marketing concepts, such as consumer/business buying behavior, target market segmentation strategies, market research and other concepts. In addition, the class will also focus on the integration of marketing with other functions in a business organization, using case histories and current companies that implement integrated marketing programs in virtual marketplaces.

"We are excited to have Mark McMullen teach our students," said Tom Reichert, ADPR Department Head. "Students will benefit from his high-level experience and expertise in the marketing and digital space." As a side note, his daughter, Meghan Ann McMullen is a recent UGA Ad alum.

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