Ad PR Professors find that large-screen TV viewing is good news for advertisers

Dean Krugman
New AdPR research sheds light on advertising viewed on large-screen televisions. Professor Emeritus Dean Krugman and Professor Spencer Tinkham recently published their findings in the Journal of Advertising Research, entitled, "The Big Picture for Large-Screen Television Viewing: For Both Programming and Advertising, Audiences Are More Attentive, More Absorbed, and Less Critical." The researchers use focus groups and a national survey to examine large-screen viewing and respondents' attitudes toward advertising and programming. 

Spencer Tinkham
Large-screen televisions are much more pervasive than ever before. Krugman and Tinkham found that large-screen viewers are less skeptical of advertising than small-screen viewers, feel more positive toward advertising, and pay more attention to commercials and programming. 

"Large-screen viewers were more absorbed in television programming—a phenomenon that mediates the impact of screen size on attention, evaluation, and skepticism toward television advertising," said Krugman.

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