Grady AdPR partners with Creative Circus for course program

Grady AdPR and the Creative Circus are partnering to offer "Summer at the Circus," an innovative academic summer program that offers creative-track classes emphasizing creative strategy, writing, art direction, advanced web design, game development and more. Creative Circus, a top-level, two-year creativity school in Atlanta, offers portfolio development in areas such as advertising, interactive development, photography and design.

"This program is a creativity boot camp," said Dr. Tom Reichert, AdPR Department Head. "We are very excited to partner with one of the best portfolio schools in the country to offer students a better creative understanding and skill set."

Courses will be taught and administered by UGA faculty. Creative Circus professionals-in-residence will offer several specialized modules during the courses, so that students get hands-on mentoring and feedback from front-line professionals.

"I can't tell you how excited we in the department are about this opportunity. It will put the creative experience that Grady undergraduate advertising majors get on par with the few schools in the nation (such as Texas at Austin) who have a specified creative track," said Dr. Kirsten Strausbaugh-Hutchinsonsenior lecturer in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations. "It will give our students an absolutely immersive summer experience that should provide a taste of the portfolio school environment, mindset and work ethic. And they'll bring their learning back to the classroom at Grady and to their peers. It's a win-win situation all around."

Grady students who take Summer Circus classes can earn up to six credit hours of upper-level UGA academic credit. Financial aid and HOPE may apply for qualified students. Students will take classes in Atlanta, and will have access to housing at Emory University or Georgia Tech.

The deadline to apply for the Summer at the Circus program is March 31. More details can be found here.

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