Donna LeBlond completes UGA Diversity and Inclusion Certificate

Donna LeBlond at UGA Chapel
Congratulations to Donna LeBlond, Administrative Associate for the Department of Advertising and Public Relations, for her completion of UGA’s Diversity and Inclusion Certificate!

The Diversity and Inclusion Certificate is a program for faculty and staff to explore strategic areas around diversity. It allows participants to analyze people, institutions and initiatives that play a vital role in supporting and fostering diversity on campus. 

"I first decided to go for the certificate when Dr. Reichert asked me to represent our department in the training program.  It made sense since I interact with so many students and faculty on a daily basis.  Once I started, I wanted to take all the classes they offered since I was learning so much about myself and at UGA."

Participants complete the program with additional resources that can help build diversity competencies and identify areas of diversity partnership at UGA. 

“I learned so much regarding the students at UGA. There are many students (and employees too) that feel uncomfortable because they don't know who to talk to, where to go for help, etc.I hope to be more aware of those around me (faculty, staff and students) and hope to become a better listener and friend to those around me. I would highly recommend this certificate program to all members at the UGA community.”Ms. LeBlond was awarded her certificate on Thursday, Sept. 5 at the UGA Chapel. 

Congratulations again Ms. LeBlond!

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