2013 Omnicom/Grady Fellows Update

Earlier this year, three public relations graduates from UGA were chosen for the Omnicom/Grady Future Leaders Fellowship program. The Fellowship provides an integrated marketing communications experience for AdPR graduating seniors and recent alumni.

Graduates Allison Moder, Cari Buchwald and Jennifer Linke began their programs in early June at various Atlanta Omnicom Group agencies including BBDO-Atlanta, Porter Novelli, Ketchum and Fleishman-Hillard. In addition to agency work in advertising and public relations, the fellows are mentored by a representative from a third marketing services firm such as Bernard Hodes Group, OMD, GO! Productions, Nancy Bailey & Associates and Changing Our World, Inc. Fellows spend three months at BBDO and three months at one of the leading public relations agencies. The program is designed to foster cross-disciplinary leaders who understand the full spectrum of marketing communication.

(L-R) Jennifer Linke, Allison Moder and Cari Buchwald

Here’s what they had to say about their experience so far:

Cari Buchwald
Ketchum and BBDO

“The Omnicom/Grady Fellowship is one of the most unique experiences I have ever been offered. Not only am I able to work at two prominent agencies in Atlanta, but I am also able to gain experience in both public relations and advertising. Through the fellowship, I have learned how public relations and advertising work hand-in-hand and how important it is to understand both the value and influence they hold over one another. The projects I have completed, seminars I have attended and people I have met at Ketchum and BBDO have all allowed me to grown as a professional. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work at Ketchum and BBDO and truly believe that this experience will influence the rest of my career. “

Allison Moder
Porter Novelli and BBDO

“The Omnicom Fellowship has allowed me to gain a bird’s-eye view of various industries before swooping down into the working world.  It enables its participants to gain real-world experience, while still allowing the freedom to explore all the different avenues within that working environment.  I have been able to meet and learn from people of all backgrounds and disciplines, but most importantly within each organization and industry I worked, I was encouraged to learn about it as a whole.  Too often, internship experiences pigeon-hole students and limit their opportunity for expanding their horizons.  The Omnicom Fellowship breaks down those barriers by providing a holistic view of both advertising and public relations through projects that offer both depth and breadth.”

Jennifer Linke
BBDO and Porter Novelli

“Being an Omnicom/Grady fellow has given me a very rare and valuable opportunity. Not many get to work at both advertising and public relations agencies, nonetheless from top agencies like BBDO and Porter Novelli. The fellowship has been an amazing experience that brought the teachings of Grady to a real world application. Grady constantly taught us that advertising, public relations and communication are so closely knit together and the fellowship has given me the chance to see that first-hand. I am extremely grateful that I was given the opportunity to represent Grady as a fellow!”

The Department of Advertising and Public Relations is very proud of the fellows and wishes them luck on the rest of the fellowship!

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