Creative Consultants team seeks to raise awareness of prescription medicine abuse on campus

Creative Consultants, a student-run public relations agency at UGA, has teamed up with the Medical Association of Georgia Foundation to work towards raising awareness of prescription drug abuse among college students.

The team had a unique challenge in trying to tailor a state-wide brand to a specific college audience.

The MAG team is comprised of seven members—Sabrina Lewis (Junior Account Exec), Joseph Arnold, Katie King, Laura Vellidis, Jennifer Chicas, Kelly Tran and Mary-Margaret Parrish (Account Exec).

The MAG team with Creative Consultants executive board at PRSSA's
member appreciation meeting last semester

The group works on the existing “Think About It" campaign, which is dedicated to the education and prevention of prescription drug abuse with emphases on developing a statewide comprehensive drug policy, advocating for safe storage/disposal of prescription drugs and educating professionals and the public on the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

Prescription drug abuse is a hot topic among college students, who may share prescription medication with friends to relieve stress or aid in the study process.

One thing the team did is create a Facebook page specifically for UGA students. The page is used to promote alternative, healthy activities to relieve the stress that may drive students to take prescription medication.

The team planned a number of events for the semester, including a seminar that will feature speakers from the MAG Foundation and a UGA student who lost her cousin to prescription drug abuse.

The ultimate goal for the team is to have a prescription drug drop box placed on campus—ideally in time for National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. It is the hope that having a secure location for students to drop off their excess or expired medications will encourage them to think twice and dispose responsibly.

This is the second year that MAG has been a client for the Creative Consultants Agency. Teams are paired up with their clients for the duration of a school year.

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