Talking Dog team helps Athens salon spread "beauty with a purpose"

Talking Dog, a student-run advertising agency at UGA, is helping Athens salon City Salon and Spa tap into the college market and create more meaningful relationships with their existing clients.

The team members are Braxton Bodenhamer (Copywriter), Chandler Rumsey (Account Executive), Arturo Rodriguez (Art Director), Lauren Klopfenstein (Strategic Planner), Hayley Hinson (Assistant Account Executive) and Channing Jones (Talking Dog Executive Board Member).

City Salon and Spa logo
The team’s primary goal is to assist City Salon with spreading the message, “beauty with a purpose”.
The salon seeks to not only give their clients amazing service and beautiful results, but also wishes to educate clients and staff members, so that they can make themselves feel beautiful at all times.

So far, the team members have helped to brainstorm, organize and schedule City Salon’s social media content as well as establish and promote City Salon Workshops, consisting of beauty lessons on how to have the salon look anytime. They’ve also encouraged the salon to reach out to college students through sorority visits.

In addition, the team collaborated with fellow Talking Dog team, Treehouse Crafts, to promote a Valentine’s Day workshop where moms and daughters learned hair tips and craft hair accessories. To help promote, the creative team put together print and web flyers and video for social media (pictured below).

The experience has been a learning experience for the team members.

“[It] has been beneficial for every member of our team,” Rumsey says. “It is a real life advertising experience that has given us concrete work to add to our portfolios. We’ve also worked well as a team and grasped what it means to wear the hat of an account manager, strategic planner, art director and copywriter. Part of the reason why our team has meshed well is because we’re hungry for experience while having realistic expectations when it comes to meeting deadlines. We’ve created a lot of great work and there’s still plenty more to come!”

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