Inaugural class of Grady/Turner Social Media Fellows named

Congratulations to five AdPR students who have been named to the inaugural class of Grady/Turner Entertainment Network Social Media Fellows:
Sydnee Bush
Mary-Marget Parrish
Tobi Idowu
Sarah Dossani
Dana Ware

Top left to right: Mary-Margaret Parrish, Tobi Idowu, Sydnee Bush
Bottom left to right: Sarah Dossani, Dana Ware

The Fellows will work on projects such developing communication strategies for show- and network-level social media programs for TBS, TNT and TCM, specify content and identity opportunities for audience engagement, develop creative plans for fan interactions and monitor social media platforms, among other things.

The Social Media Fellowship is a partnership between Grady and Turner Broadcasting and is a great opportunity for students who are interested in social media and engagement.
“I applied for the Grady/Turner social media fellowship because I saw it as a great opportunity to learn about how networks effectively use social media to promote their TV shows,” says Idowu.
“I am really looking forward to the fellowship with Turner Broadcasting,” says Parrish. “I truly love social media and analytics, so it's exciting to be able to combine that passion with such a well-established and creative company like Turner Broadcasting.”
The Fellowship is open to both undergraduate and post-graduate students.
“It’s great to know that even though I am a soon-to-be alum, Grady is still providing me with opportunities to prepare me for my career.” she comments.
The Fellows’ assignment will run 12 weeks beginning on May 12. A Grady faculty member will assist the Fellows in creating a final research project to present to Turner executives at the end of the summer.
“To be able to work with my college professors and Turner Broadcasting during the same summer makes this experience truly a privilege,” Ware adds.  
By the end of the fellowship, Fellows will be more skilled and proficient at using social media as a marketing tool.
“Ultimately, I hope to gain more knowledge about the ways social media impacts brand image and how consumer involvement spurs innovation. I am beyond excited for this opportunity and I'm sure it will be an ineffable experience,” says Dossani.
Best of luck to our new Fellows this summer!

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