Student Perspective: AdPR's Non-Profit Tour in Atlanta

Hannah Bause, junior PR major 
Hannah Bause is a junior public relations major and political science minor from McDonough, Ga. She is the Yarbrough-Grady Graphics Intern for the Spring 2015 semester. Last week, she was one of the AdPR students who participated in the Non-Profit Tour in Atlanta.
What did you learn from going on the Non-Profit Tour?
One of the most striking things I learned from going on the non-profit tour was the power of storytelling. When I went on the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity study abroad program last summer, storytelling emerged as a huge theme, and the organizations we visited on the non-profit tour really reiterated that. These organizations not only explained to us the power of storytelling in a non-profit setting, but they gave us activities and case studies to work with to get more involved.  

What is something new that you discovered about PR while on the tour?
While at goodpr. and HotHouse Media, I learned that PR is the business of making people care. Jon Katinsky of HotHouse Media told us, “Whether you’re selling a breakfast cereal or trying to cure cancer, understand that not everyone is waking up every morning caring about this as much as you do.” This statement really hit home with me and reminded me why it is that I’m passionate about non-profit PR.
What is something new you discovered about yourself while on the tour?
While on the tour, I found that in my future job search, I would like to look for a position where I can incorporate both my writing and traditional PR skills with my creative and graphic design skills. Especially at some of the smaller firms and organizations, the professionals explained to us that they wear many hats and their jobs are often hectic and exciting – something I think I would really enjoy. 
AdPR students + faculty on the Non-Profit Tour in Atlanta

What do you see yourself doing after graduation?
After graduation, I would like to travel for a bit. My experience with study abroad was incredible, and I would like to do more traveling while I can. I would then like to move out of Georgia for a bit and get some experience working in an agency setting. I would love for that agency to do some pro-bono work or work for a non-profit organization that I have a passion for, but I feel that working for an agency first would give me a lot of experience and perspective straight out of college.

What do you do in Athens when you’re not in class?
I love trying new Athens restaurants. We live in such a cool town with tons of independently-owned, local businesses to experience. I actually have a “bucket list” of sorts – a list of all the places I have to try before I graduate. I’m sure my food-stagram skills will be top-notch by then.

What’s your favorite place/experience at UGA?
My favorite place on campus is definitely the North Campus area, specifically Herty Field. It’s such a beautiful place and so rich in history – one of my favorite things about the UGA campus. I love to sit on the benches and study (when it’s warm) and take visitors there when I can. P.S. it’s really close to North Campus’ best kept secret – the bathrooms in New College (full length mirror, ladies!).
What other activities are you involved in?
I am currently working as the Yarbrough-Grady graphics intern this semester, which is really exciting because I’m getting to help with the promotion for Grady’s Centennial Celebration. I feel so privileged to be a part of such an integral part of Grady’s history.

I also do a lot of public relations and graphic design work for non-profits in Athens through PRSSA’s Service and Outreach Committee and Creative Consultants. Going on the non-profit tour was so beneficial for me because I got to see these efforts on a larger scale.

Lastly, I am a member of Gamma Sigma Sigma, a national service sorority. Each semester, we complete 20 service hours for various organizations in the Athens-Clarke County community. I have gotten involved with a number of organizations through Gamma Sig, including Relay For Life, UGA Miracle and Shop with a Bulldawg.
Share something interesting about yourself.
I once got invited to a fancy USA Today party in Cannes for trash-talking Florida football. On the Cannes Lions study abroad program, I was wearing my UGA nametag and another attendee approached me asking about our trip. He told me he went to UF and, with Bulldawg blood running deep in my veins, you know I had to talk about football and our most recent wins (this being prior to the unfortunate incident of November 1, 2014). We spoke about football for a bit and then moved on to other topics. At the end of our conversation, he told me he was the VP of Ad Sales for USA Today and invited me to their closing party! I ended up meeting so many influential people at the party, including Joanna Coles, the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine. It was an incredible experience, and I’m lucky my dad taught me enough about Georgia football to hold up that conversation.
Anything else you’d like to add?
To all the other Grady and pre-Grady students, take advantage of all the opportunities you’re provided. Grady offers so many outside opportunities like the non-profit tour and to not participate is missing out on an integral part of your college experience. Our professors, staff and advisors are incredible and want us to experience all that we can – so just do it!

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