TCU's Jacqueline Lambiase visits AdPR Department

Jacqueline Lambiase, director of
TCU's School of Strategic Communication 
Jacqueline Lambiase, associate professor and director of TCU's School of Strategic Communication, visited UGA as a special guest to talk to classes and share her research.

Dr. Lambiase visited with students in Dr. Karen Russell’s Online Reputation Management (ADPR 5990) class, Thursday, February 5. Her topic was titled: Content Marketing: Creating Voices, Themes and Brand Manifestos for Storytelling in Digital Spaces.

"My students really benefitted from hearing Dr. Lambiase talk about brand manifestos and how they help organizations create content," Russell, associate PR professor and Jim Kennedy New Media Professor, said. "I had never heard about the online debate about AT&T's Lily vs. the Wendy's girl. Apparently people sit around debating which one is cuter. I think this is a perfect example of how brands cannot control their images, online or anywhere else. Once you put it out there, people can make of it what they will."

Lambiase’s topic stems from the increasing demand for engaging and strategic content in digital spaces, to which she has dedicated her professional life. She teaches writing, diversity, public relations principles, ethics, case studies and advocacy. For more than 10 years, she has consulted with and spoken to diverse groups about earning their share of discussion in social media and public relations opportunities.

"Dr. Lambiase shared her extensive expertise with our students as it relates to content management and social media," Tom Reichert, head of the Advertising and Public Relations Department, said.
During her visit to AdPR@UGA, Lambiase discussed qualitative discovery, media literacy, and a different attitude toward advertising involving a quantitative research project that focused on sex-tinged advertising appeals and media literacy that yielded interesting and logical findings.

She is co-founder and co-director of the Certified Public Communicator Program at TCU, now in its third year; and co-founder and organizer of the TCU Nonprofit Communicators Conference, now in its seventh year.

Lambiase's research focuses on public relations ethics, representations of gender and sexuality in media and marketing, as well as social media. She has co-authored and co-edited two scholarly collections with Reichert, as well as published more than 30 book chapters and refereed journal articles. Before her life as an academic, she served as spokeswoman for an East Coast electric utility and worked as a wire editor, business reporter and news editor for daily newspapers in Texas.

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