Centennial Senior Class Challenge comes to a close on 4/28

Alyssa Stafford is #ADPRoud.
During this very busy week, we encourage AdPR graduating seniors to support AdPR through the Centennial Senior Class Challenge. 

What better way to wish Grady College a happy birthday?

Your gift will make a lasting mark on our department, and you will give back to the next generation of Grady AdPR students. 

As you know, Dean Charles Davis launched this giving competition between departments earlier this month. AdPR@UGA students are not only spirited when it comes to giving back - but also spirited when it comes to a friendly competition. Let's stomp the competition!  :) 

Fill out a Centennial Senior Class Challenge card from the AdPR Office (Grady 215) and make a gift of $50 to Grady by Tuesday, April 28. 

Congratulations on being part of the Centennial class! AdPR is #ADPRoud of you!

The UGA Foundation is registered to solicit in every state and provides state specific registration information at www.ugafoundation.org/charity.

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