Creative Consultants Reaches New Heights with Ten Impressive Clients

Grady College provides students with a classroom experience that will give them the knowledge necessary to succeed in their careers, but it’s organizations like Creative Consultants that give those same students the hands-on tools it takes to thrive post-graduation. Creative Consultants is a student-run public relations agency within the Grady College of Journalism at the University of Georgia.

Director of Creative Consultants, Katie Hall 
The agency boasts over 70 student staff members from varied academic disciplines, each of whom have had the opportunity to get experience through partnerships with clients who express a need for public relations help. Over the past decade, nonprofit and for-profit organizations alike have been impacted by the hard work of these driven students.

Creative Consultants is reaching new heights this year under a dedicated director board. Katie Hall, director of Creative Consultants and fourth year public relations major, says, “Over the summer, our director board overhauled the organization; we created skilled positions specific to each team, created and executed a more intensive interviewing system for both clients and students, and redesigned the website.”  Through this “overhaul”, the organization acquired ten unique clients, each of which has a Creative Consultants team assigned to them and designed to meet their needs.

The Creative Consultant clients for this year are: The Ark, Athens-Oconee Audiology, Benรจ, Chastain Horse Park, City of Johns Creek, Grady Cine Team, Great Promise Partnership, UGA Interdisciplinary Field Program, Jamie Calkin and Porter Novelli.

Grady College Faculty Advisor Kristen Smith advises the organization.

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k said...

I'm happy to see the City of Johns Creek on your list! I think you will love working with them! This is a great list CC! Keep it up. -- Dr. Sweetser, San Diego State University