PRSSA Provides Hands-On Learning and Experienced Mentors

The University of Georgia chapter of PRSSA is the largest in the nation, but size isn’t its only accomplishment. PRSSA has provided students with countless opportunities to form connections and expand their real-world knowledge.

Yan Jin, associate professor of public relations at UGA, recently gave a presentation on research to Creative Consultants. This bootcamp on research was valuable for the members of the student-run agencies of Creative Consultants because it is necessary for them to conduct research for their clients.

Jin’s bootcamp made it possible for students to get hands-on practice to benefit in their credibility as public relations professionals both for Creative Consultants and in the real world.

Following Jin’s presentation, Creative Consultants students requested research mentors from the Grady faculty and grad students for each team. Juan Meng, Mike Cacciatore, Yan Jin, LaShonda Eaddy and Camila Espina all met with Creative Consultants teams to help guide their research. The mentors graciously went above and beyond to work on a Sunday night and to provide eager students with additional teachings.

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