Future ADPR Faculty Member Research Featured in Stanford Report

In-coming Grady faculty member, Dr. Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn's dissertation research in Stanford's Virtual Human Interaction Lab was recently featured on the National Public Radio Marketplace Tech Report and in the Stanford Report. She will be will be joining the Grady College faculty this fall and bring her research in virtual reality with her.

Her research focuses on how virtual reality influences behavior. Ahn’s recent studies examined how participants responded to the experience of cutting down a tree in a virtual environment impacted their use of paper products. As quoted in the article, Ahn reports that her dissertation research found that “virtual reality can change how people behave.” Her findings revealed the people felt more responsible for damage when they participated in the virtual experience of cutting down the tree.

You can hear the "Marketplace" report featuring Dr. Ahn's research here:


You can view a video about the lab and research here:

Ahn did her undergraduate work at Seoul National University, receiving a two bachelor’s degrees in Communication and Business Administration. She completed her doctoral degree from Stanford University this spring.

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