BBDO (Atl) CEO gives advice to UGA students attending Cannes Lions

Students from the University of Georgia studying abroad at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity were treated to a guest seminar featuring Chris Hall, President/CEO of BBDO Atlanta. Hall identified three important insights to take away from the festival:

  • Creative communication is far more effective than unimaginative communication. For example, award-winning creative campaigns are 11 times more effective than campaigns not winning awards.
  • We are in the golden age of creativity. Technology is making communication possible that was previously unimaginable. Hall said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”
  • Good creative work is a team effort. Hall pointed out that creative work is a team sport involving many hard-working individuals. He also stated that integration is essential for any good agency, describing the process as “orchestrating the idea over the creative landscape.”

Another point made by Hall is that winning creative awards attracts clients. Afterward, students asked follow-up questions regarding the advertising culture in Atlanta, client scrutiny, and ethical considerations in the age of social media. BBDO-Atlanta is a leading agency based in Atlanta and part of Omnicom.

--Posted by Tommy McConnell (UGA student)

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Tommy said...

Great seminar from a very charismatic leader.