Faculty Agency Immersion

Six Grady ADPR Faculty members travelled to Columbus, Ohio this week to spend two days at sbc Advertising, an award-winning ad agency. The Grady team lead by Department Head Dr. Tom Reichert, included Dr. Karen King, Dr. Joe Phua, Dr. Elli Roushanzamir, Dr. Karen Russell and Dr. Jeff Springston, spent time with a variety of sbc's advertising and public relations professionals during the visit.

sbc professionals who participated included Karen Raidel and Elizabeth Hestand from Consumer Planning, Joe Sano and David Smith from Interactive, Scott Mylin and Lance Dooley from Creative, Jim White from Media and Zach Bingham, Keri Drake and Mary Garrick from Public Relations. The Grady faculty attendees were overwhelmed with how generous sbc professionals were in sharing their time, expertise and best practices.

This trip was made possible by sbc Executive Vice President/General Manager, Matt Wilson, whose daughter Becca is a senior ad student at Grady.


Tom Reichert said...

It truly was a terrific trip. Much thanks to Matt Wilson and all the great SBC folks.

K said...

Terrific experience! Thanks to all the folks at scb for being so generous in sharing their time and expertise. Karen King

windy city ex-pat said...

Thank YOU all for reminding us why we love working here. Have a terrific summer! Karen Raidel.