PR professor's research featured in Hispanic Executive Magazine

Public Relations professor Dr. Carolina Acosta-Alzuru's research was recently featured in the article "Drama Fiends" in the May/June 2011 issue of Hispanic Executive, a magazine that features articles about the Hispanic community, as well as corporate and international leaders and entrepreneurs.

The article discussed the Hispanic audience's insatiable appetite for drama-filled telenovelas (Spanish soap operas). Dr. Acosta-Alzuru and her research are referenced throughout to enhance the article's main points. She says that telenovelas are part of everyday Latino family life. She also addresses the fact that many of the modern-day telenovelas are based on an underlying love triangle, with the protagonist being strikingly beautiful and naive, the antagonist being beautiful as well but also conniving, and the male protagonist as typically very handsome but not so smart.

Additionally, the article referenced Dr. Acosta-Alzuru's findings that many US Hispanics have grown up watching their parents' and grandparents' addiction to the daily adrenaline of the daily cliffhangers that are a common telenovelas trope. So, as the kids grow up, they too take up the habit.

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