Moxie to Conduct Social Media Marketing Workshop

Moxie Interactive, an award-winning full-service digital agency, is conducting a Social Media Marketing Workshop at UGA’s Grady College on Friday, February 14th.  The workshop will focus on the convergence of creative and media in social media.

Twenty-five Advertising and Public Relations majors were selected to participate through a competitive application process.  They will learn about creating strategies for social media from Moxie professionals.  Students will be given a social media case to work on and will present their strategies to Moxie executives who will critique the students’ recommendations.

Moxie participants include:

Greg Kerns, Creative Director
Holly Heller, Media Supervisor
Katie Killebrew, Digital Planner
Melissa Gordon, Project Manager
Liam Copeland, Analyst
Dan Kurber, Learning & Development
Solange Claudio, EVP, Operations

The workshop was made possible through the efforts of Grady Board of Trust member Suzy Deering, CEO of Moxie, and is part of the ADPR Kennedy Symposium.

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