Three AdPR December '13 grads join SapientNitro

Congratulations to three students from the Department of Advertising and Public Relations who received job offers from SapientNitro: Brian Jungles, Anne Bouzy and Margaret Hancock. All three recently graduated from UGA.

SapientNitro is an interactive marketing, creative design, and technology services agency that helps companies solve challenges to make brands more successful.

Jungles, who begins April 7, is looking forward to the job:
One of the reasons I'm so excited to get involved with SapientNitro is because it's an agency that has roots in technology. Anywhere you look, there is a huge demand for tech companies. By combining my education in advertising with SapientNitro's tech expertise I think I will be able to really excel."
In addition, Hancock is also excited to begin working.

“I'm looking forward to this incredible opportunity with SapientNitro in their Atlanta office. I will be working as a Junior Associate Program Manager,” she says.

Congratulations again to all three!

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